Why You Should Use a Dry Sheet Mask?

Why you should use a Dry Sheet Mask

Why You Should Use a Dry Sheet Mask?

Just when you thought you’d found the perfect sheet mask, the beauty world only goes and launches a whole new iteration. Meet the dry sheet mask – promising longer-lasting results than its traditional counterpart as well as more potent formulas.

Tell us more…
The global sheet mask movement shows no sign of abating but the brains behind some of the industry’s coolest brands have taken the technology one step further and unveiled a whole new category, the dry sheet mask. Where traditional wet masks are around 85% water, their dry counterparts are said to contain a whopping 94% active ingredients, making them a fast-track solution for filter-worthy skin. Make-up maven Charlotte Tilbury led the way with the launch of her Dry Sheet Mask last spring, and since then others have quickly followed suit.

What makes them different?
Unlike typical sheet masks, these new-gen versions use a clever dry delivery system that allows for micro-penetration of the active ingredients. Although dry to the touch, the mask works with humidity, temperature, pH and natural body movements to trigger the diffusion of the ingredients, which penetrate the skin over a period of up to eight hours. The result? A smoother, tighter and more radiant complexion.

Do they really work?
We were slightly sceptical upon opening a package and feeling a mask that was 100% dry to the touch, with seemingly no trace of product, but don’t be fooled – these sachets work their magic…


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