What is a Dry Mask?

Available in customizable combinations of shapes, textiles, patterns, colours and formulations, these high-performance dry sheet masks embody the limitless potential that Biomod’s ever-evolving technologies and products possess.

How does it work?


Empowered with Biomod’s BMV™ technology, our Dry Masks offer an impressive list of benefits that dramatically improve the experience and effectiveness of topical skin treatments and applications.

The Dry Mask Difference

The Dry Mask Difference


Unlike typical sheet masks, this new generation of masks offers a dry to the touch, water-free, non-drip and one step masking experience, packed with a high percentage of active ingredients, free of all the unwanted chemicals.

The Experience


Our dry imprinting process results in a uniquely textured care motif that is soft, smooth, and balm-like. When a Dry Mask is applied, the texture melts into the skin, resulting in a user experience that is comfortable, clean, convenient and highly effective.