This is Us

We are a team of creators on a mission to simplify and modernize everyday care products. We develop exclusive, results oriented, technologies and innovative manufacturing processes. With its patented technologies, Biomod is focusing on the unexploited relationship between skin and textile, by bringing actives into our lives through textiles that we are using daily. We are the new face of cosmetic science, driven by relentless ingenuity and commitment to concrete results.

Our Story


A discovery of fabrics containing aloe vera microcapsules inspired Biomod’s co-founder, Founder Karine Théberge to investigate on how she might apply a more scientific and cutting edge approach to the concept.

Isabelle Goudreault, co-founder and Théberge’s vision was to develop a new type of active ingredient delivery system and a method for imprinting the delivery system onto textiles.

Following years of exhaustive research and testing, Biomod’s revolutionary technologies were born: the Biomimetic MicroVector or BMV™, and a new proprietary imprinting process.


We developed unique technologies that enable us to imprint formulas with a groundbreaking active molecules delivery system.


The Doers


“Here at Biomod, I say it often, my team is everything to me!”
– Karine Théberge, Founder


We are a team of creative people, versatile, with different backgrounds and that’s what makes us successful. We all share a common vision and our goal is to achieve breakthrough results.


Team spirit of creative people
Laboratory's team and experts

Let’s Be Serious


Biomod owes its remarkable growth and success to its employees whom, over the years, have worked relentlessly, with loyalty, honesty, passion and unparalleled integrity.


Be Part of the Adventure

Biomod Concepts is a young, innovative and dynamic company

that combines science and textiles for the cosmetics industry.