SkiknSmoothie - New Formule - Launch


BIOMOD expands its Dry Mask Boutique offer with a brand-new NATURAL and VEGAN formula!


Following the successful launch of our first collection of market ready customizable Dry Masks last July in Vegas, Biomod is happy to announce the release of a new and exciting formula: SkinSmoothie!

To meet consumer demand for all-natural products that are truly good for the skin, we developed a new formula that complements our 100% natural origin ingredients offer.

Today we all know it is important to have a good and balanced breakfast to start the day. Complete vitamins, micronutrients and powerful antioxidants are essential to boost our body and our immune system and recharge our batteries.

Smoothies are the ideal solution for our busy lives, prepared with fresh ingredients like fruits, vegetables, grains and protein, they support healthy habits and help us stay in peak condition. They are prepared in a split second and you can drink them ”on-the-go”.

How about treating your skin to a morning smoothie too?

Offering a healthier-looking skin and providing a more radiant and revived complexion, the new SkinSmoothie formula offers a boost of powerful antioxidants, such as goji berries, tomato and curcuma. It also helps the skin protect itself from external irritants thanks to chia seed oil, mango butter and the pomegranate superfruit.

SkinSmoothie vegetal “blend” is made without preservatives, paraben, GMO, allergens and, as an added bonus, it is vegan certified!

This new Dry Mask formula offers everything you need to power your skin for the day and complement your well-being habits. Because of its unique features, dry to the touch, non-drip and one easy step masking, you can wear your skin smoothie mask while blending your body’s favourite drink. Packed with a high percentage of active ingredients… SkinSmoothie is the new nutrition for the skin in a zest!

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Canadian based, Biomod is a team of creators that has for a mission to simplify and modernize everyday care products by developing exclusive, results focus, technologies and innovative manufacturing processes. With its patented technologies, Biomod is focussing on the unexploited relationship between the skin and the textile, by bringing actives into our lives through the textiles that we are using daily.


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