Dry Mask Boutique

4 quick steps to create the Dry Mask of your choice!

Each Dry Mask begins with our exclusive, soft non-woven, two-way stretch fabric and our unique loop system for optimal  fit.

Clinically Proven or Consumer Tested formulas

Step 1 - Select your product category

Whether you are looking for clinical results or consumer-tested, our Dry Masks are backed by performances that have been demonstrated. CLINICALLY PROVEN: Some of our formulations have gone through strict external clinical trial studies which are available for use in your marketing campaign. CONSUMER TESTED: In order to get the opinion of real consumers about the benefits of our products, all our formulations have been tested by volunteer end users.

Wide range of benefits and formulas

Step 2 - Determine your formula

Let’s discuss your needs together. Tell us what properties and benefits you are looking for, we will suggest all-in-one formulations that come in exciting, youthful and trendy colours.

Dry Mask Boutique Shapes

Step 3 - Choose your shape

Designed for both women and men, of all ages and all skin types, our Dry Masks can be fashioned in many original shapes; face, neck, hands, breast and, the new beard shape!

Pick Your Formula Pattern

Step 4 - Pick your formula pattern

As we are imprinting the formula on the inner side of the mask, we invite you to personalize your Dry Mask even more, by selecting the formula's motif of your choice. Push customization further by developing, with our team, a pattern that matches your brand identity. (Additional fees apply)

Dry Mask Boutique – Over 100 combinations

Following our easy Create Your Own step by step program, you will be able to plan your next successful launch to complement your existing skin care offer!