Let’s Be Serious

Biomod owes its remarkable growth and success to its employees whom, over the years, have worked relentlessly, with loyalty, honesty, passion and unparalleled integrity.

Our Commitment

The goal for Biomod is not only to comply with the laws and regulations affecting its business activities but also to demonstrate its commitment to the principles of ethics, honesty and respect for others and our planet.

  • Natural & Cruelty-free

    Our products are not tested on animals and most of our skin care formulations are elaborated with natural origin ingredients. Some of Biomod’s dry mask formulations are even vegan and halal certified!

Our Expertise

Our passion is blending unconventional ideas with cutting edge science to lend new form and function to everyday products, changing the way the world sees them, thinks about them, and uses them.

Laboratory's team and experts


The lab is the true heart of Biomod. The result is a unique blend of solid science and infinite innovation that generates leading edge technologies and products.

Biomod's Design Studio

Design Studio

Biomod's in-house design studio is proof that science and creativity (form and function) can work in perfect harmony. Our designers take science a step further, fashioning Biomod's one-of-a-kind formulas and fabrics into attractive, practical, comfortable and easy-to-use items.

Production Facility

Production Facility

Accountability is everything. Our on-site production facility gives us ultimate control over all processes, ensuring our customers full traceability of their projects. Our own highly specialized and customized equipment allows us added flexibility in bringing unique concepts to life.

Stringent quality control and regulation

Quality Control & Regulatory

Stringent quality control and regulation adherence are the crucial checkpoints every product must go through before being delivered to our clients. Our in-house team is ensuring all industry standards are exceeded.