Biomod adds a vegan formulation to its Dry Mask technology offering

Biomod adds a vegan formulation to its Dry Mask technology offering

The skin care supplier recently launched a new option in its collection of customizable market-ready masks.
Vegan personal care and cosmetic products are shaping up to be a popular next iteration of the clean and green beauty trend. And the company’s new vegan formula gives beauty makers an easy way to meet current consumer expectations.

As presented in the Cosmetics Design 2019 trends video, mindful beauty is taking hold this year.

Consumers attracted to safe, simple, and natural products seem to be more loyal to labels and certifications than they are to brands. And ‘vegan’ happens to be a very
attractive, ethical label just now.

Custom skin care for brands
Last summer at Cosmoprof North America, Biomod Concepts debuted its Dry Mask Boutique-a range of the companys innovative water-free, non-woven material masks. The boutique means that brands looking to launch or to add a line extension of dry masks choose from several formulas (offering an array of benefits), choose the mask shape(s) that best suit their customer, and finally either choose a ready-made pattern or develop a branded look in partnership with Biomod. Available mask shapes are quite diverse, comprising face, neck, hands, or breast. And there’s a men’s option too-a beard shape dry mask that effectively delivers skin care in spite of facial hair coverage.

Learn more in this Cosmetics Design video interview featuring Karine Theberge, Founder of Biomod Concepts.

Food for the face
Edible beauty is certainly helping fuel the shift to vegan and animal-free beauty-a fact that’s not lost on Biomod. (…)


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