Bare Me Beauty brings Dry Mask technology to IBE

Bare Me Beauty brings Dry Mask technology to IBE

At last month’s lndie Beauty Expo event in Los Angeles, California, a new skin care startup out of Canada introduced IBE shoppers, buyersl, jnfluencers, and media to the innovative water­free, reusable textile mask technology created by Biomod Concepts.

While it’s true that beauty consumers are often very eager to discover new products, actually shifting consumer expectations and behavior can be quite challenging.
Indie beauty shoppers, however, may be more ready to try something out of the ordinary, to move away from paint-on clay masks and damp, slippery sheet masks – which is exactly what Angie Tran, founder of Bare Me Beauty is banking on.

The tech behind the mask
Cosmetics Design has been watching the Dry Mask technology for years, interviewing Biomod Concepts founder Karine Theberge in 2016, running an explainer on the tech later that same year, and following the company’s launch of a turn-key option for skin care brands looking to add the Dry Mask tech to their product portfolio.



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